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Sustainable & Ethically Sourced

Moshier's Mushrooms

We began our journey almost a decade ago. We both had a troubled past and were in search of our soul's desire. We found ourselves in the woods....alot! Our curiousity of the world around us grew. It was then that Dylan became very interested in the fungi of the forest. He has thrown all of himself into learning how to identify and grow mushrooms. While my (Jessica's) interest in medicinal plants grew. Together we have expanded our knowledge of the natural world. We were amazed at how well we felt incorporating mushrooms and plants into our everyday diet. Our goal is to share that same wellness with the people around us, and to spark an interest of nature, foraging, growing, and making your own medicine from the many gifts earth has. We honor and appreciate our mother earth. We are always learning new ways to lessen our impact and to help preserve and protect the natural world around us. We have come a long way in the last ten years, and we look forward to connecting with more people and deepening our connection  with the land.

About Us

We operate from our farm in Waverly Ny which is located on the border of Ny and Pa between the Finger Lakes of New York and the Endless Mountains of Pa. We specialize in growing a wide variety of gourmet mushrooms.  We are certified to forage and sell wild mushrooms. We grow many medicinal plants and herbs. We are also beekeepers, and use the honey produced by our bee friends in our products. We attend many of the farmer's markets in our area, which we love so much! Meeting our fellow farmers has been very inspiring and uplifting! We love having the opportunity to meet with our local communtiy! We have expanded our farm by planting many fruit trees,berry bushes, and perennials. We even do maple syrup (on a small scale). We have big plans for the furture of our farm and we are excited to have you grow with us. We have an amazing support system with our family, the local community, and friends from all over the country. We thank you all for supporting us through our adventures! Without you none of this would be possible. You are the reason our dreams are coming to fruition, and we want you to know that we are grateful for evey single person who has supported us in any way. 


Find your teachers in the voice of the forests 
Unplug, you cant ignore this 
Wisdom of the voiceless 
Remedies are bountiful and surround us 
From the garden to the farthest 
Prayer made of star dust 

~Rising Applalachia