Wine caps are an extremely easy mushroom to grow with no tools required. You can inoculate existing mulch around your house, trees, garden, or make a woodchip bed of their own.

We lay wet cardboard down in our desired location, then layer like lasagna, woodchips (can soak and drain for best results) then sawdust spawn and top off with a nice thick layer of straw. Woodchips will last the longest but you can make beds with just straw as well. We usually add a couple straw layers in our beds with the woodchips. Then give it a good soaking.

Woodchip beds will produce up to 3 years where as straw will only produce for 1 or 2. Once they start to slow down you can add new woodchips on top to prolong the bed life. (After you harvest in the 2nd year would be a good time to do this)

1- 5.5lb bag of spawn will do up to 50 Sq ft 6-8inch deep. However 25-30 Sq ft per bag will yield much better results with a quicker colonization time.

Wine Cap Spawn (FREE SHIPPING)
winecap spawn
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